Day 73: Literature Circles Part I

Today students met in their lit circles to discuss the first half of the story “The Dead” or “And of Clay Are We Created.”

1. Any students not prepared for discussion did their work silently in the hall.

2. Students prepared for the lit circles followed the lead of the Discussion Director.

HW: Finish reading the assigned story. Prepare your Literature Circle Notes worksheet. Finish the “Character in Transition” brochure.

Absentees: Finish reading the story and complete the following questions to make up for not being in class:

“And of Clay Are We Created” Questions:

1. List 10 words or phrases that suggest tragedy (p. 319, 1st paragraph). Example: “odor of death”

2. Who is the narrator? (p. 320, 1st paragraph)

3. Draw how Azucena is trapped (p. 322, 1st paragraph).

4. Evaluate Rolf Carlé’s character based on this line: “buoyed by a premature optimism, [Rolf Carlé] was convinced that everything would end well” (p. 323, last paragraph).

5. Why do you think Rolf Carlé is trying so hard to rescue her? After all, his job is to report, not rescue (p. 324 at section break).

6. Evaluate the relationship between the narrator and Rolf Carlé (p. 325, 1st paragraph).

7. How is Rolf Carlé changing? Why? (p. 325, 2nd paragraph)

“The Dead” Questions:

1. “Never once had it fallen flat. For years and years it had gone off in splendid style…” (1, ¶ 2) How does this line foreshadow what will happen in the rest of the story?

2. Summarize Gabriel and Lily’s conversation on the right-hand column of page 1. Evaluate Lily’s view of romantic relationships.

3. Why does Gabriel blush at Lily’s answer, “as if he felt he had made a mistake” (p 1, bottom right-hand column)?

4. Draw Gabriel.