Day 71: Symbols Review

Today, we took some time to review what symbols are and what they aren’t.

1. Students turned in homework and any New Yorkers.

2. Students worked in pairs to come up with symbols. In about three minutes, students listed as many sentences as they could using this formula: ____________ is NOT a symbol for ______________ but IS a symbol for ____________. For instance: A pillar is NOT a symbol for architecture but IS a symbol for strength. Students need to understand that symbolism involves a figurative relationship between the symbol and its meaning, not a literal one.

3. Students exchanged symbol sentences and evaluated whether or not their peers understood symbolism. We took about five minutes for this. Any disputes we discussed as a whole class.

4. If time, students exchanged what the symbol was in the story they read for homework.
HW: 1st period – Read half of the assigned story. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th periods – None.