Day 70: Characterization

1. Return WordSkills 4 Tests.

2. Characterization Notes: Students took notes on characterization in preparation for our class discussion and for their homework. Here are the notes we took for anyone who was absent (or not paying attention!):

Characterization: How an author gives the reader information about a character’s motivations, beliefs, and personality. Includes:

  • Physical appearance – body shape, face, what they wear, how they stand or walk, odor, voice
  • Actions
  • What other character say about them
  • Where they’re from, where they live, the places they go
  • Dialogue – how they talk

3. Read “Dream 80” by Naguib Mafouz focusing on characterization. We discussed this story and filled out two charts on it that students will be doing for a different story for their homework.

4. Homework Assignment. I explained the students’ homework.

HW: STANDARD – Read “Thank You, Ma’m,” on p. 87 of the textbook. Fill out the Target Notes and the Think in Threes Notes for the story.

HONORS – Read the FICTION story in the issue of The New Yorker you were given in class. Fill out the Target Notes and the Think in Threes Notes for the story.

Absentees: If you are in Standard, you should read the story on p. 87 of your textbook. If you are in Honors, you should read the story here.

Download/copy target notes from here. In the center, write the main character’s name. In each center donut write lines from the story that reveal information about the character. On the outside donut write an explanation of what each quote tells about the character. Write a few sentences about your conclusions.

Then, write a separate list of characters. Write a list of difficult vocab words and questions you have about the story (at least 10). Then, write a list of 3 important symbols in the story and explain them. Write a few sentences about the message of the story.