Day 54: WordSkills and Sentence Diagramming

1. Passbacks. Students received homework and classwork with grades. I reminded students of the grading rubric (found here) and the copied papers policy (if your paper is the same as someone else’s you have to do an additional assignment for a grade, no matter if you did the copying or not).

2. WordSkills 3.16-3.20. We talked about such thrilling words as omniscience, panophobia, paradox, periscope, and promotion. Notes can be found here.

3. Intro to Diagramming Sentences. Students received a handout on sentence diagrams (download here: Diagramming Sentences). We discussed only briefly the importance of diagramming and will begin practicing in the coming days.

HW: Read the read of The Odyssey p. 694-709 by Monday. Take notes on stickies. Reading questions will be passed out on Thursday. Bring in your WordSkills poster on Thursday if you are presenting.

Absentees: 1) Get WordSkills notes from a friend, myself, or the WordSkills section of this website. 2) Pick up or print out the Diagramming Sentences worksheet (it’s yellow if you pick it up from me). 3) Turn in your WordSkills poster if you were supposed to present today.

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