Day 50: WordSkills and Reading Discussion

1. Spelling quiz. If you didn’t get 100% on the last spelling quiz, today was your chance to correctly spell all of the words you missed for a 90%.

2. WordSkills 3.6-3.10. Poster presentations and all. Some of the words we learned to remember today by: controversy (would you want a school uniform? to move to block scheduling?), dialect, empathy (feeling like your are within someone else’s shoes), epitome (you are the epitome of cool: I look up cool in the dictionary and there’s a picture of you!), epitaph.

3. Reading review: Obstacles. We discussed the following questions: What are some of the obstacles Odysseus has encountered so far? How does he deal with these obstacles? The next reading will be from the “Calypso” chapter, which is Odysseus’ final obstacle before he reaches Ithaca.

HW: Read “Calypso” p. 652-654. Take notes on stickies. Answer the four reading questions picked up today in class (download here: Odyssey Reading Questions Calypso Meeting of F and S):

  1. According to the description, what does Calypso have in common with Circe? (652, lines 51-53; Fagles 154:68-70)
  2. When Hermes arrives on Calypso’s island, where is Odysseus? What is he doing? Why is this important to understanding Odysseus’ character or personality? (653; Fagles 155:91-95)
  3. Calypso asks Odysseus to compare her to his wife, Penelope. His answer is not straightforward. How does he reply? Why? What does his response show about his character? (654; Fagles 159:231-243)
  4. Make up your own question and try to answer it. The question should either be about something you don’t understand or a probing discussion question with no clear right answer.