Day 49: Subject/Predicate Poems

1. Turn in close reading essay. Staple the essay on top of the outline on top of the annotation. Write on a sticky note any problem or concern you have about the essay or the process. Turn in.

2. Reminder: Spelling Test #2 is tomorrow. Study if you didn’t get 100 last spelling test!

3. Subject/Predicate Poem. Students wrote a poem using subjects and predicates to start each line. Since we will begin diagramming sentences this week or next, this prepares students to diagram out the subject and predicate. Students followed these directions to write the poem: subject predicate odyssey poem. All absent students must write their poem at home. Some students chose to share their poems in class at the podium.

4. WordSkills 1.1-1.2/3/5 (depending on the class!). If you were absent, get notes from someone or look on the WordSkills page.

HW: Study for spelling test. WordSkills poster if you present tomorrow. Essay if not yet done. Read “Calypso” p. 652-654 by Thursday. Take notes on stickies.

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