Day 39: Odysseus’ character and scene summaries

Today we summed up what has happened in The Odyssey so far and started using quotations to support opinions.

1. Quickwrite: How would you describe Odysseus’ character traits? What kind of person is he? Use evidence from your reading to support your opinion. Any absent student should answer this question in a five-minute writing.

2. Scene summaries. Students worked in small groups to act out scenes from “Cyclops” and “Circe.”

3. Using quotes to support an opinion. Students either received or found a quote from the text that tells something about Odysseus’ character. All of the available quotes can be downloaded here: Odysseus Support Quotes. Then students will be working (tomorrow) to complete this chart: Support Quotes Chart.

HW: Read “Land of the Dead” p. 675-677. Take notes on stickies.

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