Day 40: Using Quotes to Support an Argument

Today students finished the quotes work from yesterday. Here is a particularly successful group example:

1. “Judgment” and “a lot” Memory trick: You don’t need to be a judge to make a judgment! (The word “judge” is not in the word “judgment”.) Memory trick: There are a lot more words than you think in the word “a lot.” (There are two words!)

2. WordSkills 2.16-2.20 If you were absent you can get definitions from the Unit 2 WordSkills page.

3. Using quotes to support an argument. Completing the groupwork from yesterday. This will prepare students for the close reading analyses we will be writing in class on Thursday and Friday.

HW: Read “Scylla and Charybdis, The Sirens,” and “Cattle of the Sun God,” p. 678-686 by Friday. Take notes on stickies. Study for WordSkills test on Tuesday 10/27.