Day 53: Visualizing the Meeting of Father and Son

1. I checked homework assignments as a quiz grade. If you did not turn in your homework, you must turn it in tomorrow for a maximum quiz grade of 80.

2. Review of homework questions. We discussed why Telemachus’ meeting with Eumaeus the swineherd was ironic, why Telemachus at first refused Odysseus’ claim that he was Telemachus’ father, and why Odysseus has been going in cognito around Ithaca.

3. Reader’s Theater: The Meeting of Father and Son. Two students volunteered to act out the meeting of Telemachus and Odysseus, to see how blocking affects the reader’s understanding of the story.

4. Monologue Writing: What was Telemachus thinking? Students spent 7 minutes writing Telemachus’ internal monologue, that is, what he was thinking when Odysseus first told him the news. A few students performed the monologue for the class, addressing it to the burly, handsome Odysseus I drew on the board.

5. Reading preview. Students predicted what would happen next in the story. How would Odysseus deal with the suitors? How would Penelope respond to the news?

HW: WordSkills poster if you present tomorrow. Otherwise, none.

Absentees: 1) Please turn in your homework questions when you return. 2) Also, spend 10 minutes writing about what was going through Telemachus’ head when Odysseus tell him that he is his father. Write from Telemachus’ point of view in first person, using “I” for Telemachus. Make your WordSkills poster if you have not yet presented.