Critical Media Literacy: Days 7 and 8

  1. Target Audience. We talked about the concept of target audience in media production and marketing strategies that target people based on race.
  2. We examined Facebook’s use of racial identity to market commercial products to specific demographics. We watched a video made by Verizon and Facebook that discusses their marketing techniques to target an American Hispanic audience. The video is found here:
  3. Afterwards, we played Philosophical Chairs and debated whether or not it is harmful for companies to market commercial products based on racial identity.
  4. Writing a Claim. The following day we worked on writing strong claims about the commercial products that everyone selected to use for their critique.
  5. Writing a Claim. We went over this handout and discussed the parts of the claim together: writing-a-claim
  6.  Writing a Claim. We re-read the articles we annotated last week and identified the each author’s claim.
  7. Writing a Claim. We spent time sharing out about products. Everyone practiced telling each other about their products with other classmates.
  8. Writing a Claim. Afterwards, everyone wrote their claim on a notecard.