Memoir Day 13: Character Descriptions

1. Free read.

2. We finished going over word parts and vocabulary for the week.

3. We turned a game of Simon Says into a fun word part and vocab review.

4. Characterization. Students gathered in their book clubs and identified passages in their book club reading where the author uses characterization. Students typed their selected characterization passage into Padlet and we read out loud the passages that students selected. Afterwards, students commented on patterns of characterization that they noticed across the book club readings.

5. Characterization. Then, students spent a few minutes writing in their writer’s notebook about the different authors’ use of characterization and characterization patterns in the book club readings.

6. Finally, we returned Summer Assignments and discussed revision options. If students want to revise their summer assignments then they have one week from today (9/22) to finish. If after finishing their first revision students still aren’t satisfied with their grade then they can revise again. Students will be graded on their mastery of skill as they revise. If students don’t want to revise then they leave their summer assignment  in their “Returned Work” folder in the classroom. General areas of improvement include identifying literary devices and connecting author’s use of literary device to something meaningful in the book such as character development or theme, making sure to analyze a quote instead of summarizing a quote, and addressing the structure of the memoir and how the structure of the memoir impacts the reading experience. i-want-a-higher-grade-on-my-summer-assignment.

Honors HW: Two Blog comments due tomorrow, 9/16.

Remember: Vocab Mini-Quiz on Monday 9/19

Word Parts

1. A, an

2. Anti


4. De

5. Circum

Vocab Words



Ambivalent (Honors only)