Memoir Day 12: Wordy Wednesday!

Today was an early release day, so we didn’t get through a lot! But we did learn some new words.

  1. Free read!
  2. Students received V1: Vocab Words for Unit 1
  3. We then worked in groups through guessing the meaning of the word roots 1-5 and using context clues to figure out our “SAT” words. The goal of vocabulary instruction in my room is to empower students to use language, to figure it out themselves, and realize they already have all the tools needed to access the power than language affords. Here is the notes sheet: V2: Unit 1 Week 1 Notes.

HW: Review vocab prefixes a/an, ambi, anti, circum, de and the SAT words ambiguous and condescending for Monday’s mini-quiz. Honors extra word: ambivalent.