Tuesday, January 5: Abstract Art

    1. After free reading, we examined some abstract designs from Matisse to see how they could be read as representative of moments in Durham history.
This could be seen as a commentary on how the tobacco industry impacted the viewpoint and the mindset of Durham over time, from plantation owners like Washington Duke to enslaved field hands to tenant farmers and factory workers.

2. Next, students designed their own abstract composition to illustrate the Durham topic they researched yesterday. They needed to illustrate their knowledge of the topic as well as portraying how it impacted Durham. This was done with cut construction paper and glue only on the second page of this handout: Research for Key Event in Durham. If you are at home and you don’t have construction paper, you can just draw it in the box. Just try to keep it abstract so you can be sure you’re illustrating underlying concepts, not just simple events.

HW: Finish the explanation of your image if you didn’t get it done in class.