Friday, September 11: Dialogue Quiz and Internal Monologue

  1. Students reviewed dialogue with Ms. G. before the quiz.
  2. We took a quiz on dialogue punctuation. I think it went well! Ask your student about it. When done, they had time to read their book club memoirs.
  3. Next, we took notes on Internal Monologue and Reflection. Here they are: W7: Internal Monologue Completed Notes.

Want to see an example of internal monologue? Check out any episode of Glee. In class, we watched the beginning of Season 2, Episode 12, “Silly Love Songs.”

Want to see an example of reflection? Watch The Wonder Years,Season 4, Episode 20, “The Accident,” starting at 17:00:

4. Next, students received their summer assignments back. These are all posted on PowerSchool now. Want to redo part of a summer assignment for a new grade? Here are some directions: I want a higher grade on my summer assignment.

HW: Use internal monologue and/or reflection when you write another part of your memoir this weekend. It needs to be at least one page long. Due Monday.

Due Tuesday: Reading for book club (groups determined on their Bookmarks how much to read).

Due Wednesday: Association words on V1 for dis, di, dif

Due next Friday: Revision of summer assignment.