October 1 and 2: Final work days on memoir

These two days have been spent in the lab or on laptops working feverishly. The students are on fire!

Here are some last minute tips that we looked over in class today: Final Editing Suggestions

On Friday, students should bring in all their rough drafts and planning sheets as well as a printed copy of your memoir. I will be printing your memoir if you indicated in class that you’d like me to. Otherwise, it’s up to you! If you need me to, as per policy, you can email me before midnight with the request.

HW: Complete memoir and all planning sheets due tomorrow. CONGRATS! You’re almost there!

Absentees: Make all your changes to your memoir based on your classmates’ suggestions from Monday and Tuesday. Then, watch the Final Editing Suggestions slideshow and make any extra changes. Print your memoir and bring in all your drafts tomorrow. It must be printed before class begins to be on time.