September 19 and 22: Internal Monologue and Work time

September 19

1. Students reviewed similes and metaphors by completing the Breaking Down Similes and Metaphors sheet based on 3 (standard) or 6 (honors) of the 20 awesome similes listed on L2 here: Similes Notes. This was collected for a classwork grade.

2. Notes on Internal Monologue and Reflection. We took notes on W8: Internal Monologue Handout.

Internal Monologue definition: The thoughts that are going through a character’s mind during the action of the story. Internal monologue is always in present tense. In writing, an internal monologue is shown in italics. Often shows confusion or tension in the moment.

Reflection definition: The act of reflecting on what your experiences mean; philosophizing about the big picture. Reflection is in past tense.

Click here to watch some philosophizing from The Wonder Years. Watch from 0:45 – 3:25

Notice how sure this narrator sounds in comparison to the insecurity of internal monologue.

3. Practice. Students wrote their own internal monologue and reflection on the back of their handout. They needed to make the internal monologue in the moment, confused, and tense and make their reflection philosophical and moralizing.

HW: None

September 22

1. Students went to the media center to set up their documents for their full memoirs. Students followed these directions: GoogleDoc Setup. As they logged on, all students completed a Skills Check.

2. Then students either typed their rough drafts or worked on writing another scene using internal monologue.

HW: None. Full memoir will be due on October 1.