September 11 and 12: Dialogue Writing and Writer’s Workshops!

Sorry about the posting delay! A Publishing Club pre-meeting combined with terrible, terrible sickness made for a delinquent poster!

Thursday, September 11:

1. Students took an open-note dialogue quiz (which will count as classwork). Here it is: Dialogue Practice.

2. Then, students wrote another scene from their memoir. The only requirement was that they include some dialogue (but not too much!).

HW: Finish writing your dialogue scene.

Absentees: Download Dialogue Practice and complete it with the help of your Dialogue Notes. Turn it in when you return. Write one more scene from your memoir using some dialogue.

Friday, September 12:

Workshop Day!

1. Students answered questions 1-3 on this sheet about their dialogue scene: Writer’s Workshop Cover Sheet.

2. Then, students learned how a Writer’s Workshop, well, works. Here are our procedures (W6): Memoir Workshop Guidelines. We modeled the process with a piece Ms. Garvoille wrote.

3. Finally, students had time to workshop their own pieces. If you didn’t have time to get feedback from your group, don’t worry. We’ll have more time during the next workshop. This weekend, read your piece aloud to a family member, and they can tell you some plusses and deltas!

HW: Revise your dialogue piece for Monday. It must be typed and printed OR handwritten in blue or black ink, every other line. The revision requirements are on the back of W6. If you need Ms. G. to print your piece, you need to write her a formal email requesting this and you need to attach your document. If you email it before midnight on Sunday AND you get a response back by 7:00 am on Monday, you know that you will have it printed for you. (If you don’t get an email back, it means you didn’t spell my name right in the email!)

Absentees: Download Memoir Workshop Guidelines and the Writer’s Workshop Cover Sheet. Follow the procedures to answer the questions and read your dialogue piece to a friend or relative, looking for feedback. Bring in your rough draft and the revision when you return.

worked with their writer’s workshop groups