August 26: Memoir and Self-Portraits

We continued our discussion of a writer’s purpose today through examining some self-portraits.

1. Students either arranged their binders (6th and 7th periods) into five sections or wrote on this topic (1st): 

-What was your summer reading about?

-Why do you think your author decided to write the memoir?

2. We turned in our Media Release Forms. If you didn’t, get it signed and turn it in!

3. Students drew a visual explanation of WHY the author of their summer reading wrote that memoir — in other words, what was the author’s PURPOSE? We drew these on dry-erase boards and shared with the class.

4. We then examined four self-portraits: 

Four self-portraits

(There are links to more detailed pictures here.)

We wrote down what we noticed and answered the following questions about them:

– How do you know this is a self-portrait?

– What is one theme word or topic you would say this self-portrait addresses?

– What is one feeling you get when you look at it or one feeling the artist may have had creating it?

– What is the PURPOSE the artist had for making the self-portrait (think to persuade/inform/entertain)?

5. We then shifted our thoughts to why we might write our own memoirs. Do we want to entertain? Persuade? Or inform? Students filled out a 3-2-1 to get out some initial ideas on their own memoir project (321 Memoir Planning).

HW: Start thinking about what kinds of stories you have to tell.