May 9 and 12: Beginning Blocking

1. Students took an oral quiz on the rest of Act III.

2. We practiced using pantomimes on Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech from Act I, scene 4. We noted our own pantomime ideas on this sheet (L23: Script Marking and Staging Practice) and then watched a professional in the 1968 Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet:

3. Next, we played a round of “Sit, Stand, Kneel” with a page of Act III, scene 1 on the back of the handout.

4. Students then began to block the first page of their scripts.

HW: Finish reading Act IV by next class. Work on reading your lines aloud with speaking techniques and hand motions. Extra credit if you memorize your lines!

Watch Act IV here:


Extra credit opportunity: Come to Ms. Garvoille’s room Wednesday after school from 2:45-5ish to watch the newest version of Romeo and JulietCome, watch, enjoy, bring popcorn, and when you’re done, write a one paragraph film review for up to 10 points of extra credit on a quiz grade.