April 25 and 28: Act I, scenes i, ii, and iii

Today we finished up our notes on the background of Romeo and Juliet and continued listening to the first few scenes and we stopped to discuss. We also created tableaux vivants snapshots of three important moments of each scene.

HW: Read the rest of Act I for next class and fill out your pink sheet!

Here’s the link to the online text: http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/romeo/SceneTextIndex.html

And you can also watch before and after you read (but not during!). I would suggest reading the scene, watching it, then reading it again or watching and then reading afterwards. This is a play! It is meant to be seen and heard! HOWEVER, keep in mind the film versions are all significantly different from the play because directors usually cut lines in order to fit this long play into a more digestible movie-length script.


1978 Version

Watch the whole thing on HULU!


I.i – 0:00-12:00 The Brawl in the Street

I.ii – 12:00-17:00 Paris talks to Lord C

I.iii – 17:00-23:00 The Nurse and Lady C talk to Juliet

I.iv – 23:00-28:00 Mercutio and Benvolio ridicule Romeo as they walk to the ball

I.v – 28:00-40:00 The ball!


1976 Version

I.i 0:00-13:45

I.ii 13:45 – 19:00

I.iii 19:00-24:50

I.iv 24:50 – 30:25

I.v 30:25 – 41:00


1968 Version

This is a brilliant film, but has lots of copyright protection. Here’s a few tidbits for you:

portion of I.iv

portion of I.v