January 9 and 10: A and B day

1. A Day only: Students started by writing an ACE-IT paragraph on the passage we annotated in class about the empty gun. They will get back this paragraph with comments for revision on Monday.

A and B day: Students reviewed for the oral quiz on Chapter 24-27.

2. We discussed the chapters through an oral quiz. The final oral quiz will be on Monday/Tuesday. This is your last chance to get credit for reading this quarter!

3. Motif group meetings. Students met with their motif groups to fill out a card with a passage related to their motif or a question, contradiction, or theory about their motif. These may turn into essay topics.

4. B Day only: Read-aloud. I read to students the first part of Chapter 28 to get them hooked for the weekend. It was delightful!


All – read chapters 28-31 (aka the rest of the book) for Monday/Tuesday. Complete your motif journal (directions here:TKAM Motif Journal Instructions) and TURN IT INTO THE HOMEWORK BOX by Monday/Tuesday. Honors you should have 10 entries. Standard, you should have 8 entries.

Other Voices, Other Rooms: Finish reading the novel by Monday/Tuesday.