January 7: B Day

Today with our shortened schedule, here’s what we accomplished!

1. Students annotated this passage from Chapter 21: Key Passage in Chapter 21. We then shared in a super awesome discussion on it.

2. Next, we spent some time filling out our trial charts in groups: Robert Ewell v Tom Robinson Graphic Organizer.

3. Finally, we had a class discussion about what really happened to Mayella and Tom and why. It was amazing and mind-blowing.

HW: LOTS OF READING! Plus, finish your trial chart and turn it into the box if you did not complete it in class.

Honors read chapters 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 by Thursday and complete one motif journal! I know this is a quick turnaround, but it’s worth it!

Standard read chapter 25 by Thursday and complete one motif journal.

Other Voices, Other Rooms read chapters 8 and 9 by Thursday.