December 11, A Day

1. Students had five minutes to review for the oral quiz.

2. Oral Quiz on To Kill a Mockingbird, chapters 6-11.

3. Introduction to binaries. Students finished the sentence, “There are two kinds of people in the world, ____ and ___.” We then attempted to divide the class into two categories, boys and girls, jocks and geeks, and other false dichotomies. We will pick up on Friday taking notes on binaries and how to use them in literature.

HW: Read through the end of Chapter 15 by Tuesday. Complete 1 motif journal entry on all the chapters.

Honors should have a total of 6 motif journal entries so far.

Standard should have a total of 5 motif journal entries so far.

Other Voices, Other Rooms read Chapter 4 by Friday. Read chapters 5-6 by next Tuesday.