November 18 and 19

Today we prepared ourselves to read To Kill a Mockingbird.

1. Southern Stories. Students first listed five stories (TV shows, movies, plays, musicals, songs, novels) that take place in or feature the South. We then explained in writing how one of those stories relates to a quote about Southern stories. 

2. Annotation notes. We took notes on how to annotate a passage on L9: Close Reading and Annotation. Here’s our acronym:

Scope it out!

Summarize the difficult parts.

Connect the passage to your life, other books, history, other events in the novel, and the big picture


Predict what will happen next

Examine Word Choice.

3. Reading Guide. Students received the To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Guide as well as their own copy of the novel. The guide should be kept folded up inside their book. Students should add anything and everything to the guide as they read. Students, please, feel free to read ahead! I will love you more if you do! We filled in some of the background information on the reading guide and added to the map of Maycomb.

4. Film clip. In some classes we watched a clip from the 1961 film in order to get an idea of the main characters.

HW: 1B and 4B – Finish reading the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. Fill out your reading guide as you go.

1A and 4A – No homework! You will finish reading chapter 1 for Monday, but we will have time in class Thursday to read.

Honors – if you want to read Other Voices, Other Rooms you should try to obtain your own copy if possible (we have 22; many more people want to read it).