October 2 and 3

English I: 1A, 1B, 4B

1. We started class with 15 minutes of silently reading our memoir books.

2. Finding expert dialogue. Students looked in their books for creative uses of dialogue. We shared and discussed a few. In 4B, we also wrote about them.

3. Dialogue rules. We took notes on how to use dialogue. Download the notes here: Dialogue Notes.

4. Dialogue practice. Students practiced punctuating dialogue on whiteboards.

5. Writing time. For homework, students began writing one more scene from the memoir they are writing. The scene has to use some dialogue, correctly punctuated.

HW: Finish writing one more scene from your memoir using dialogue (at least one line). You should also make sure to use specific details. Due next class in the homework box. 1 page minimum.

Reading HW: by next Tuesday/Wednesday…

Caged Bird – finish ch. 20

Black Boy – finish ch. 6

Bad Boy – finish pg. 100

Color of Water – finish ch. 13

If you are reading two memoirs for extra credit or the Honors project (must complete at least 1 extra reading at some point during the year), make sure you are keeping up with both readings.

Foundations: 3AB

We learned how to punctuate dialogue by practicing on whiteboards and fill-in-the-blank. We also shared the plot of the stories we’re reading, continued independent reading, and continued our whole class read-aloud.

HW: None


Warm-up: Students answered these questions: 1) What might you be interested in studying in college? 2) What do you know about college or the college application process? 3) What do you want to know about college or the college application process?

Students who were not done recording their “This I Believe” essays did so. The rest of us listened to, took notes on, and discussed the recordings of our classmates. It was a great time and we will continue it tomorrow!

HW: None