Monday, 8/26 – A Day

1A English

1. Students all received a syllabus, which you can download here: (check back later!) We reviewed the procedures, policies, and curriculum. All students should show the syllabus to their parents and have parents sign off on the policies here: (check later!)

2. “In the Current.” Students read this short memoir from JoAnn Beard. We discussed and annotated as we read.

3. Students shared their annotations on the board.

4. Discussion of the text.

Next class, we will begin writing about a time we witnessed something an felt powerless to stop it.

HW: Return signed contract to Homework Box in Mr. Burgess’s room by 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

3AB Foundations

1. Students filled out a Personal Profile.

2. We learned a little about each student.

3. Powerpoint of Identity Poems.

4. Raw Write #1: Students responded to a “raw write” question. A raw write is a piece of writing in which you write consistently, without stopping, without worrying about grammar or spelling.

5. Raw Write share. Students shared their best section of writing with two partners.

6. Read “Chop Chop.” We read a poem and discussed.

7. Raw Write on “Chop Chop.” Students answered a question about the poem.

HW: Return Personal Profile and Signed Policies by tomorrow morning to the homework box in Mr. Burgess’s room.

4A Freshman Focus

1. Syllabus distribution.

2. Icebreaker.

3. Mind map of values and influences.

4. Brainstorm what makes a good community.

5. Campus walk to brainstorm how to improve Jordan High School.

HW: None.