April 10: B Day


1. Summaries of Act I, scene iv and v. 

2. Act I Jeopardy review.

3. Act I oral quiz questions.

4. Read and watch Act II, scenes i and ii.

HW: Reread Act II, scenes i and ii of Romeo and Juliet.


1. Once you have decided on a work of art to critique, download this document: Art Critique Prewriting. Then upload it into your Google Drive and share it with agarvoille@ycsd.york.va.us . If for some reason you can’t download the document, you can access it here.

HW: Finish the prewriting document for tomorrow.


1. Example essay reading.

2. Work time on essays.

HW: Finish rough draft of essay by next week Tuesday (April 16). The final draft will be due on the 18th.