February 26: B Day


1. How to take notes on a research article. We annotated and took notes on this article on The Outsiders.

2. Using Citation Cards. We then added certain notes to our cards.

3. Finally, students used the Research Resources sheet to look for articles about their books using the databases listed.

HW: Make sure you have at least three articles printed out for class on Thursday.


1. Freewrite.

2. Students received their ACE-IT paragraphs written the other day in class. Students can revise these paragraphs for a higher grade by Friday if desired.

3. Listen to Romeo and Juliet Act I, scenes iii-iv.

HW: Reread Act I, scenes three and four for tomorrow. Revise Song Analysis and print out for Friday.


1. ACE-IT. Students wrote a paragraph in class proving that Romeo is a Petrarchan lover based on Act I, scene i of the play.

2. Tableaux vivants of I.i. Students created still scenes of three key points in Act I, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet in small groups in order to review.

3. Extra project option: Sonnet Cycle. We discussed the extra project options available here.

4. Listen to Romeo and Juliet Act I, scenes iii-iv.

 HW: Reread scenes iii-iv. Read scene v of Act I of Romeo and Juliet. In other words, read all of Act I for Thursday. Be ready for a reading quiz. Revise Song Analysis and print out for Tuesday.