February 19: A Day


1. Work time on plot summaries. Students continued working on their summaries for about 45 minutes.

2. Musical chairs. We rotated seats to help work on Professional Tone and Neutral Point of View.

3. Spice up your Summary! We learned how to improve our writing by adding a variety of grammatical elements (appositives, subordinate clauses, etc.)

HW: Finish your summary in Google Drive.


1. Freewrite in iambic pentameter.

2. Background on Shakespeare and reading Prologue.

HW: Reread the prologue at home.


1. Freewrite. Why do we read/watch stories when we already know the ending?

2. Powerpoint on Copyright (for the library).

3. Background on Shakespeare:


4. Analyzing the prologue:




5. We began reading Act I, scene i, which is rather “bawdy.” Before you get too grossed out, consider the fact that Shakespeare was trying to appeal to all kinds of audience members, both low and high class (and especially low class at the beginning!). Also, in order to understand how “special” Romeo and Juliet’s “love” is, we need to understand how the rest of the characters think about being romantic (in the cases of Sampson and Gregory, the know no romance! Their only conception of romance is one of violence.).

HW: Reread the Prologue and the beginning of Act I, scene i. We will pick up reading where we left off on Thursday.