September 7: B Day


1. Freewrite! Students wrote for five minutes about any topic.

2. Passing in forms. We collected the signed syllabus and student release form.

3. Organization. Students took a few minutes to organize their binders into five sections: General Info, Literature, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary. All students should have these dividers labeled in their binders.

4. Diagnostic test. We finished the test and then students completed a Personal Profile. During the last fifteen minutes of class, we had a freshman class meeting.

HW: Finish Personal Profile and return on Tuesday if you did not complete it in class. FYI, on Monday we will have a diagnostic writing test that will count as a quiz grade.


1. Freewrite!

2. Lockers. If desired, students received their lockers and combinations, which we spent a few minutes in the hallway testing.

3. Theme continued. We practiced applying theme to And Then There Were None using the back of L1. As students left, they handed in a theme statement for the novel, which they will get feedback on on Monday, when we will have an in-class essay on the summer reading.


1. Freewrite.

2. Finish diagnostic test and take summer reading test. When done, students completed a personal profile.

3. Theme notes. We took some guided notes on L1 and discussed quality theme statements.

HW: Finish Personal Profile if not done during class.