September 6: A Day


1. Freewrite! Students wrote for five minutes about any topic.u

2. Passing in forms. We collected the signed syllabus, student release form, and yellow cards.

3. Organization. Students took a few minutes to organize their binders into five sections: General Info, Literature, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary. All students should have these dividers labeled in their binders.

4. Diagnostic test. We finished the test and then students completed a Personal Profile.

5. Notes on Theme. After all students finished their tests, we took some notes on Theme on L1 (1st paper in the literature section of your binder).

6. Applying theme. Then, students thought of a movie, story, or novel they were familiar with to practice applying theme on L2.

HW: Finish Personal Profile and return on Monday if you did not complete it in class. FYI, on Monday we will have a diagnostic writing test that will count as a quiz grade.


1. Freewrite!

2. Diagnostic and Summer reading test. We finished our diagnostic and reading tests. When finished, students filled out a Personal Profile, which is due tomorrow if not finished in class. When finished with the profile, students wrote to the prompt, “Copy out a favorite sentence from Rushdie or Christie. How is the author’s word choice especially appropriate for that moment in the plot. Why? Focus specifically on one or two words.”

3. Theme notes. Students received guided notes on theme, which we discussed and started applying to the summer reading.

HW: Finish Personal Profile.


1. Freewrite.

2. Finish diagnostic test and take summer reading test. When done, students completed a personal profile. If thy finished that early, they responded to this prompt: “Which is more important, imagination or logic? Would Rushdie or Christie agree with you? Why or why not?”

3. Theme notes. We took some guided notes on L1 and discussed quality theme statements. Students then came up with theme subjects and statements that they shared with the class for critique via PollEverywhere.

HW: Finish Personal Profile if not done during class.