Act I overview: Day 152

1. Review. Students had two minutes to silently review Act I. Any students completing the Taming of the Shrew honors project should read it and fill out this reading guide by next Friday: Shrew Reading Guide side 1 Shrew Reading Guide side 2

2. Oral Quiz. Most students answered one question out loud about Act I for an oral quiz. These question-by-question grades will be averaged and posted as one grade at the end of next week.

3. Scene selections. All students chose three of these six scene to investigate in more depth next week: I.v (the party); II.ii (the balcony); III.i (the fight); III.v (the last kiss); IV.v (Juliet’s fake death); V.iii (the end).

4. Act II. If time, we began reading Act II together.

HW: Read all of Act II and fill in your pink sheet (reading guide) by MONDAY.

Listen to Act II online.

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Watch Act II:

Start watching at 2:48

And watch this amazing version of the balcony scene, which I saw live this summer: