Rhythm and Meter continued: Day 146

1. Review of Rhythm. We completed our notes on L25 if needed and wrote a line of iambic pentameter about what we might do over the weekend. Examples: I THINK I’ll SIT and EAT a GIant PIE, I’m REALly NOT sure WHAT it IS I’ll DO, I’ll PROB’ly JUST stay HOME and SLEEP all DAY.

2. Quiz. Students took another quiz over sound devices, tone, and meter.

3. Rhythm practice with Top 40. We looked at and scanned the following lines of pop music:

CALiFORnia GIRLS, we’re UNforGETtaBLE (from Katy Perry)

STOCKings RIPPED all UP the SIDE (from Ke$ha)

RUmor HAS it (from Adele)

the UniVERSE will NEver BE the SAME (from The Wanted)

4. Rhythm and Meter Practice. In small groups of their choosing, students received a set of four poems and a wet-erase marker. They scanned the poems, marked the rhythm and meter, and explained how the rhythm and meter were related to the meaning of the poem. Here are the poems we used: rhythm cards.

HW: None. Honors, get your own copy of Romeo and Juliet by Monday or I will issue you a textbook.