Rhythm and Meter: Day 145

1. Review of Sound quizzes. Students received their sound quiz grades (available online). We reviewed common mistakes.

2. Sound review competition. Students worked in groups to competitively identify sound devices in Mary Oliver’s “The Black Snake.”


3. Rhythm and Meter notes. Students took notes on L25. If you were absent, or want another copy, download the complete notes here: L25: Rhythm Guided Notes

HW: Rhythm Homework. Write a four-line poem (longer if you like) in which every line has the exact same number of syllables and the exact same pattern of stresses. 


if EVery POEM and EVery RHYME

is METered AS a YARDstick’s LINES

these PERfect POEMS breed BORing DRONES


(You should not write yours with the all caps; I just did this to show the rhythm)

This poem is in iambic tetrameter