The Bildungsroman: Day 114

1. Quick write. Students responded to the prompt, What gives you pleasure even though you know it’s bad for you or socially unacceptable? This helped set them up to understand the problems of the protagonist in a coming of age novel, in which the protagonist must learn to subjugate those desires to the social reality.

2. Notes. Today we learned about the coming of age novel and took notes on it on this handout: bildungsroman notes. If you were absent, you should get notes from a friend or from me on Monday. We discussed the idea that a mature protagonist will learn how to find his or her place in society without completely losing his or her identity.

3. Reading Time. Students had time to read their books and fill out reading logs: Reading Log 1

HW: Honors Project due Monday. Reading #1 and Reading Log #1 due Monday.

In your Honors Project, your Works Cited section should look like this:

Works Cited

Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. Publishing location: Publisher’s name, publication date. Print. (Check your book for the bolded parts)

Waiting for Godot. By Samuel Beckett. Dir. Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Perf., Barry McGovern, Johnny Murphy. RTÉ, 2002. DVD.

Then when you cite a quote from the film in the text just put (Waiting for Godot) after the quote unless you clearly say in your sentence that it’s from the play—then you can leave off the citation.