Godot Act II: Day 109

Today we watched the beginning of Act II of Waiting for Godot and will finish the play tomorrow. As we watched, we filled out this viewing guide: Godot Viewing Guide Part 2.

If you were absent, you should download the viewing guide and fill it out as watch the film to catch up to where your class is. 1st period watched to 1:20, 2nd to 1:26, 4th to 1:19, 5th to 1:24, and 6th to 1:20. Watch along at home here:

HW: Register for classes before the end of February. The Honors Project on Godot is an option for Honors credit and/or extra credit: OMM Honors Project Assignment.

And now your daily dose of awesome YouTube videos. Here is the famous Lucky thinking scene done by a different actor:

from the San Quentin Drama Workshop’s Alan Mandell



compared to

from our own Beckett on Film’s Stephen Brennan


And this is just great because of the accents: