Waiting for Godot Act I continued: Day 107

We continued watching the play Waiting for Godot today.

1. Review. To refresh their memories, students summed up the play thus far to their partner. (Two men, Didi and Gogo, who are friends. They are supposedly waiting for a man named Godot; as they wait, they entertain each other through conversation, their boots, insults, etc.)

2. Viewing. We watched the film again, filling out our viewing guide as we watched. Here is a copy of the Act I viewing guide to accompany this Beckett on Film production: Waiting for Godot Viewing Guide. At the end of class, students turned in their notes. 1st period watched through 54:05, 2nd period to 57:40, 4th to 50:56, 5th to about 55:00, and 6th to 48:59. If you were absent, you need to catch up at home to where we are in the film.

HW: None. Tomorrow, Ms. Chambers will come to talk to students about their schedules.

And here’s your daily dose of Beckett-style vaudeville brought to you by the great Buster Keaton (a favorite of Samuel Beckett’s):