Syntax Writing: Day 81

All students received progress reports today!

1. Notes on 4 types of sentences. For a warm-up, we took notes on the four types of sentences we learned yesterday; we wrote them on the back (or bottom) of W22, which was 2 Parts of a Sentence (subject and predicate). Here are the notes if you were absent:

4 Types of Sentences

1. Simple (sentence pattern #1)

one independent clause with period

= subject + predicate verb + complete idea

2. Compound (sentence patterns 3 and 4)

two or more independent clauses

link with comma-FANBOYS or semicolon (;)

3. Complex (sentence pattern 5)

one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses

if dependent clause comes first, add a comma after it

4. Compound-Complex

one or more dependent clauses and two or more independent clauses

2. Homework collected.

3. Syntax notes. Students received L17; we took notes on and discussed the effect of syntax on literature. Pick up a copy of L17 in the classroom – sorry, no digital copy! If you were absent, get these notes from a friend (or from me).

4. Winter tableau. We wrote one sentence about winter, loading it up in purple-prose fashion with adjectives and adverbs. This is homework: Winter Tableau Syntax Writing.

HW: Finish your winter tableau sentence on W24 for tomorrow.