Preposition Review, Annotation, and Constructing an Argument: Day 67

1. Do now. When students walked in, they took L15, which is a key passage from Chapter 21. Then, they located where in chapter 21 it occurs (the end) and read the three paragraphs before and three paragraphs after for context. Download here: Key Passage in Chapter 21.

2. Preposition Dance. We reviewed the moves to our preposition dance and added a new set of prepositions: on, onto, out, outside, over, past, through, throughout. It’s really quite fun–ask your student to teach it to you!

3. Annotation. We S.C.O.P.E.d our passage from Chapter 21 for 5-10 minutes individually. Then, we shared parts that were confusing and our peers answered our questions. When we were done sharing our annotation, we came up with a message that the passage tells us. For instance: No matter how talented your are, or how hard you try, you can’t succeed without the help of the world around you. Or, Even if you know you will fail, you must try in order to set an example to those around you.

4. Argumentation. Finally, we turned our papers over to the back and tried to come up with the different steps we would need to take to prove this argument (the message). Once we came up with the steps as a group, we figured out which order they would go in. This exercise will prepare students for the work they will do one their collaborative essays next week.

HW: Regular, read Ch. 25 for tomorrow. Motif Journal #7 for Wednesday. Finish the book for Thursday (Ch. 28-31). Motif Journal #8 due Friday.

Honors, read Ch. 23-27 for tomorrow. Motif Journal #8 for Wednesday. Finish the book for Thursday. Motif Journal #9 due Friday.

Vocab tests will be returned tomorrow.