Dichotomy and Lit Circle: Day 59

Sorry for the late posting, all.

1. Dichotomy activity. To explore the idea of dichotomies, students divided themselves into two groups multiple times: boys/girls, not-girly/girly, math-science/english-history, artsy/sporty, black/white, just to show that most of the time the dichotomy is false.

2. Notes. We took notes on L13, which was the sheet we annotated the title passage on. We wrote down the definition of dichotomy and what it means to find a false dichotomy.

3. Lit Circles. Students then discussed their reading with their motif groups.

HW: Read through Ch. 15 for Monday. Complete Motif Journal entry #3 (and Honors #4). Remember, Regular English you can skip Ch. 12 and Ch. 14.