Applying Symbolism to “Liberty” and “Winter Dreams”: Day 41

1. Reading Check. Students took a short reading quiz on “Liberty” and “Winter Dreams.”

2. Wordskills. Students learned three new SAT words and one word part. Use these words over the weekend: indignation, indifference, and impetuousity.

3. Review of stories. Students had the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the short stories they read.

4. Symbolism chart for story. Students worked on their own to fill out a chart on symbolism in their story like the one we did in class yesterday.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will take the English I Cumulative Assessment, which is very similar to the EOC we will take at the end of the year. It will not count for a grade, but we will take a quiz at the end of the week on the same topics for a grade.

HW: Finish symbolism chart. Honors: Finish symbolism chart and write a paragraph based on that chart (on the back of the paper). Grammar homework due on Thursday 10/27.