Diction in “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”: Day 30

We began our short story unit today by reading the first part of Neil Gaiman’s short, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.”

1. Progress Reports. All students received progress reports. Any students in Honors with a D or F will be encouraged to switch to regular English I. Any students in English I who with an A or a high B may ask to be enrolled in Honors English. Honors English is harder than regular by about 7 points. (An A in regular is a B in Honors.) Your grade will not be changed if you switch, but starting 2nd quarter you will be graded more rigorously. Please sign and return.

2. Short story pretest. Students took a very short assessment on some terminology used to analyze short stories. When finished, they wrote about their favorite short story and why. I had a great time trying to guess which stories they were thinking of: “What’s the one where…” “The Open Window?” “Yes!”

3. Reading. Students began reading “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” by following along as the author, Neil Gaiman (wrote Coraline, American Gods, and much more) read it to them. The text of the story can be found online at Gaiman’s blog here. You can listen to Gaiman read his work (as we are in class) here. If you are listening, the story starts at “Part 2.” As we read, students listened for suspicious diction related to “universe” or “galaxy” and recorded it on their listening sheet (get one in the classroom). Students answered two questions about the reading.

HW: Return signed progress reports tomorrow.