Procedures: Day 1

Hello parents, students, and families! The first day of school was glorious in room T103. Here’s what happened:

  1. Procedures. Students received the memoir unit calendar (download here: Memoir Calendar) for the next six weeks. We also reviewed the syllabus and grading policies for the class (download here: English I Syllabus 2011).
  2. Race to save time: Throughout the year in all your classes, you will waste countless minutes passing papers, staplers, and forms willy-nilly. If we cut down on the time it takes to do these mundane but necessary tasks, we will have more time to discuss great literature, ask and answer questions, and learn. The time we invest in practicing these routines in the first weeks of school will pay us back tenfold in time saved later in the year. At the end of the day, 6th period English only took 23 seconds to pass out papers, and 5th period took a mere 8 seconds to pass them in. Typically it takes at least 1-2 minutes if you’re not thinking about it. But, let’s not forget 1st period won the stapler-passing race, having stapled all their summer assignments with only two staplers, all in just 58 seconds. Congrats! Looks like we’ve got some work to do to beat those times!
  3. People Search. In order to meet classmates and begin thinking about how experience can shape identity, students completed a people search.  18 questions were given and we had to find which classmates paired with each question. We learned that almost everyone went to the beach, but it was more difficult to find someone who has moved more than five times.  Just answering one little question can lead into deeper exploration of identity.
  4. Notes on Conflict. In some classes, we reviewed the five types of conflict (download here: L1: Conflict Notes). Do you remember those five types of conflict? Man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. self, man vs. society, man vs. technology/supernatural/machine.
HW: Return signed policies by Monday (English I Syllabus 2011)

Make sure you have all the English supplies: a binder (which you can leave at school), a homework folder (which you take home each night), looseleaf paper, and index cards (which you can leave at home until I tell you).

Any student who received the Summer Assignment over the summer but has not turned it in yet will lose seven points. Any student who just got the summer assignment today, it will be due Thursday, 9/8.

Tomorrow we will be taking a Diagnostic Test, which does not count as a grade. You do not need to bring your memoir reading book to class.