Day 163 & 164: Finishing the Odyssey: Epic Similes and Allusions


1. Oral Quiz on the previous night’s reading.

2. Epic Similes: We worked through this sheet on understanding similes in The Odyssey: Epic Similes Student Handout (both Honors and Regular versions included).

3. Students wrote their own epic similes using the As – So format. “As ____, so ____.”

HW: Finish reading The Odyssey


1. Oral Quiz

2. Epic Simile Review (if needed)

3. Odyssey adaptations (if time): Students selected one poem or short story that alludes to The Odyssey. They annotated the piece during class.

HW: Study for Wordskills Test on Monday here: Includes SAT words.

Ways to get extra credit: Make paper flashcards, study on quizlet and get in the top ten of Space Race or Scatter, and have your complete notes. Missing notes? Go here: You can improve your grade by studying for this test.

2nd, 4th, and 7th period classes: Finish Odyssey allusion annotation if not done.