Day 147: Example art analysis

1. Wordskills notes. All students got notes on the word SUBTLE (and practiced pronouncing it correctly). Honors students also learned the word SUBSTANTIATE.

If you were absent, get the notes from a friend.

2. Oral Quiz. On Act V, scene i.

3. Art analysis. We watched a video of Act IV, scene ii, which we analyzed yesterday. Here is the video:

This was practice for homework, in which students must analyze the work of art they chose for their final project (see r & j tab above).

HW: Complete entire prewriting sheet given out on Monday (front and back). Read  V.ii (Act 5, scene 2).

Here’s a copy of the Prewriting sheet if you don’t have it: Guided Survey. This document is four pages; the first two pages are for HONORS, the second two pages are for REGULAR.