Day 113: Editing Characters and Plot

1. NPOV. We discussed the importance of maintaining a neutral point of view. Wikipedia articles should not be written with any bias and should not sound like jacket copy (what’s written on the back of a book). Students sorted 22 statements into piles of biased and neutral tone.

2. Real-world perspective. We also learned about writing in from a real-world perspective, which means you should write about characters as if they are fictional, not real. You should frequently use the words “fictional,” “character,” “in the novel,” “backstory,” “introduced,” and “described” in order to ensure your reader knows these are fictional characters and events. Also, you must write about plot in present tense. If you write about fiction in past tense, you make people believe it happened. Students then sorted 6 statements into piles of “in universe” and “real-world” perspective.

Click here to download the statements to sort: NPOV and INUNIVERSE practice sorting.

3. Editing. Students edited their own work and the work of their classmates using W32: Plot Summary and Character Descriptions Workshop

HW: Revise plot summary and characters for Thursday! Tomorrow we will be taking benchmarks.