Day 112: Work day

Students gathered in the computer lab to work on their character descriptions and plot summaries. Both are due before class on MONDAY. See instructions here:

Character descriptions should include:

  • an appositive (a renaming of a noun, like “Ms. Garvoille, a crazy English teacher, often drinks two cups of coffee before her first period class.”
  • 1 – 5 sentences long, based on the importance of the character.
  • The relationship to the protagonist
  • Physical descriptions (use quotes if possible)
  • Psychological characteristics (How does this character normally think? What is their personality like?)
  • If citing page numbers, put them in parentheses for now.

Plot summary should include:

  • 6-10 sentences per paragraph (3-5 paragraphs total, one per person if in a group)
  • A topic sentence
  • Chronological telling of events
  • Specific dates, times, places
  • A transition into the next section (if applicable)
  • at least 2 quotes (with page numbers)
  • a Neutral Point of View (NPOV)
  • phrases that refer to the fictional nature of the story, like

the novel, the story, the events, the narrative, the characters

HW: All character descriptions and plot summary of entire novel (or your section) due in GoogleDocs by Monday.