Day 96: OMM Socratic Seminar

We held a seminar on Of Mice and Men today, where students ran the discussion with only a very few pesky interruptions by their teacher.

Here were the rules: OMM Socratic Seminar Rules. Students were graded on participation and quality of responses. This will count as a quiz grade.

Students all took notes on this sheet: OMM Seminar Notes Graphic Organizer.

HW: None.

Optional: Buy a YA (young adult) book that you would like to read for our next unit. If you would like to work in a group, you should coordinate with up to three other people in your class (maximum group size = 4), who should buy the same book. This is optional, since we will be in the library on Monday choosing books to check out. We will be writing/improving Wikipedia articles on this book, so 1) it should be notable (won an award, NYT bestseller) and 2) it should not already have a super-long Wikipedia page.

Monday report directly to the library. If you bought a book, bring it with you.

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