Day 90: Intro to Of Mice and Men

1. Notes on 4 Types of Sentences. All students created W28 on a sheet of notebook paper. We titled it “4 Types of Sentences.” Then, we took the following notes:

  1. Complex sentence: one independent clause and a period. Independent clause = subject + predicate verb + complete idea
  2. Compound sentence: two or more independent clauses. Linked with a comma-FANBOYS (i.e. a coordinating conjunction) or a semicolon. DO NOT LINK WITH A COMMA.
  3. Complex sentence: one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. If the dependent clause is first, add a comma after it.
  4. Compound-complex sentence: one or more independent clauses and two or more dependent clauses.

2. Examples. Students worked with their partners to come up with example sentences for all four situations.

3. Background of OMM. We took some notes on L24 on Setting and Characters. Then, students spent a few minutes reading.

4. Images of the setting. Students saw images of the Salinas River, the Gabilan Mountains, and migrant workers (click on the links to view pictures online).

5. Close reading of setting. Students received L26 (though it should have been L25… Oops!), which we annotated, looking for diction that suggests emotion, sadness, or other patterns.

HW: Read Ch. 1 of Of Mice and Men for tomorrow. Keep up with reading guide. Be prepared for an oral quiz tomorrow.

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