Day 89: Types of Sentences and Background for OMM

1. Types of Sentences Kinesthetic activity. When students arrived, they received a set of clauses, both dependent and independent, to cut into pieces; they also received coordinating conjunctions, a semicolon, some commas, and a period. We learned sentence types by moving around these pieces.

  • We made a simple sentence with just an independent clause and a period.
  • We made a compound sentence with two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction and comma or a semicolon.
  • We made complex sentences by joining a dependent clause then comma with an independent clause OR (the other way around) an independent clause and then a dependent clause (NO comma).
  • We made compound-complex sentences with at least three clauses: two independent and one dependent, following the comma and joining rules above. One student even made a nine-clause sentence!

We shared sentences as we made them; I checked sentences as students worked. Here’s the file if you’d like to play at home: kinesthetic (courtesy of Ms. Del Dotto).

2. Discussion of “Cain and Abel.” If needed, we continued our discussion of Cain and Abel in preparation for Of Mice and Men.

3. Of Mice and Men background. Students received copies of the novella. If any student would like to purchase their own copy of Of Mice and Men, please do! We are running out of copies and many are in poor condition. You must bring the novella to class EACH day for the next two weeks.

Students received L24, which we folded up and put in our books. Here is L24 in two parts, if you were absent: Part 1: OMM Reading Guide and Part I: Timeline OMM.

In some classes, we filled out sections of L24, including the setting section. In other classes, we only had time to fold our L24 up into a little slip to use as a bookmark.

HW: Read Ch. 1 of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck by Friday. As you read, keep track of characters and events on your Reading Guide. Be prepared for an oral quiz on the reading on Friday.

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